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"The Story of Gamble" or "How I Stumbled into Teaching"


Many years ago, over 48 to be more precise, I was born in a small desert community on a snowy mid-spring day.  The idea of raising a family in the high crime area of the High Desert communities did not appeal to my parents so we packed up and headed west to a small community lying at the midpoint of San Francisco and Los Angeles that straddles the 101 Freeway.  There, I lived an underachieving life where I would save rocks from being run over in the middle of the night. While in high school, I thought of being a lawyer, marine biologist or a football coach, but I also noticed that people liked telling me their problems, even if they knew I did not like them, so added the idea of being a psychologist onto my "maybe" list.   After graduating I was not given much of a choice, my mom told me where I was going to college ie I was to follow my brother to San Diego State University.  Once on the SDSU campus, I realized that marine biology was out of the question because of my struggles with chemistry so I settled on psychology as a major.  While mired in my sophomore years due to SDSU President Day gutting the faculty to cut costs, I was forced to take many history classes (and astronomy and biology).  In psychology, I fell in love with experimental social psychology but being lazy, I did not want to get a doctorate or PhD to run my own experiments so I took my BA in Psychology with a minor in American Indian Studies leaving the door open to attending graduate school (there are two psychology degrees, one for the general degree, one for graduate school degree).  After graduation, I got engaged and bounced around menial jobs for two years while coaching my cousin in rec basketball and coaching football at my old high school.  I was frustrated because I really wanted to coach more and my fiancee pointed out, I liked working with teens, history, and coaching, become a history teacher!  Duh!  So I went back to SDSU, broke up with her, got my teaching credential and here I am living the dream, married to someone different, with a daughter, teaching history and coaching football.  Tah dah!


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