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Hello Everybody

        My name is Charles Manning and I will be teaching World History this year at Pinacate Middle School. This is my 14th year at PMS and my 28th year in education. My sweetheart Frances and I have been married for 37 years and we have two grown sons.

        I have a degree in Asian Studies from CSULB and a teaching credential from SDSU with authorizations to teach Math and Literature, as well as Social Science. The core focus for this year, and all others, is literacy. All the activities in our new classroom setting are meant to advance the students’ ability to read and write.

        I will be transitioning to Canvas as quickly as possible. I can be reached at this email or at 


Just to make it more clear: we are not using Google Classroom at all for now, which means there are no google classroom number for me to invite students. We are using the "google-meets"  link above to access the online classroom and Canvas to distribute and collect assignments.  Students need to sign in to Infinite Campus each and every day for each and every class. Sign in to every class, if it is meeting electronically or not.