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Lourdes Medrano is an instructor and Administrative Designee here at Heritage High School. She offers us over two decades of expertise in education. She is always eager to create new spaces where uncharted best-practices come alive. And, where there are blurred optics in education, she finds creative and efficient ways to innovate and weave them into her pedagogy. She holds 5 degrees and has acquired numerous training, including Safe School Protocols and various areas within Multiple Tiers of Systems and Supports. She is currently working on her second post-graduate degree at the doctoral level and has earned various badges in the area of data literacy and educational certifications.

Prior to this role, she served as Title I Lead, ELD Lead, Counselor, and Behavior Interventist, and community liaison amongst other roles in the K-College setting. She is also involved in the community within the business sector, particularly small businesses. In short, Lourdes comes to us from Los Angeles County where her teaching profession began, and during her free time, she is either enjoying her loved-ones, studying, or researching. 


Her motto is:

Work.   Serve.   Appreciate.   Repeat.


Instruction will be delivered primarily through Canvas via ClassLink (codes below) and Google Meet (to be found within Canvas Calendar) for live sessions during the synchronous periods. 


     Periods 1 and 2: ELD I -     

     Periods 3 and 4: ELD II -     

     Period 5: College and Career Foundations -     

     Period 7: Academic Guidance -


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