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Here's my educational journey:  Graduated Valencia High School in Placentia California in 1983.  Took a few classes at Fullerton College  and loved it, but because I had already signed up for the US NAVY, I thought it was too late to back out, so I left for boot camp on December 19, 1983.  I learned THAT day that THAT was the actual day I joined the Navy, not before.  I could have backed out and done a little more first lesson in "Always ask questions, lots and lots of questions" about every major decision you make! Well, the Navy did teach me how to become a much better student, so who can say it was all a waste?  I call it now a "necessary detour."

I did a few college classes during my almost 9 years of being a Sailor, but did not really get serious about it until 1993.  Even then, it was a long process getting that 2 year degree completed, but I did finally graduate with my AA-- with honors!--from Mesa College in 1997.  After this, the Veteran's Administration helped put me through my next two years at San Diego State University more quickly.  I graduated with honors again for my BA in English!  Thank you, US Navy, for demanding I always do my best in class!

Moving to the Inland Empire with my new family--my wife with a child on the way-- in 1999, I began my teaching career and work on my Teaching Masters degree.  I was proud and grateful to receive that degree from Azusa Pacific University in 2002, just before the birth of our next child, a daughter.  More kids would follow as I continued not only my career as an English Teacher at Perris High School, but also continued my education at UC Riverside, and at National University, where I earned a Masters of English.

Today, with 20 years behind me at Perris High, and with 2 of our 5 kids in college themselves at Cal Baptist University (ONLINE as well),  I still feel like there's more to as I begin a new chapter of my career as an ONLINE teacher (for however long it lasts), I might just go ahead and sign up for my next DREAM degree at an ONLINE university--a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing!

Did I mention that I already have a degree that I earned 100% ONLINE?  And that I earned another taking at least three online classes?

I found I actually liked learning from the comfort of home...or even sitting at a Starbucks!  It is definitely different from racing class to class 7 periods a day, 5 days a week, but as with everything, it is something you can get used to, even very good at.  

So here's to a chance for all of us to try something new and powerful in this age of technology:  for me, it will be weird to teach without a textbook in my hand and a chalkboard to write upon.  For you, learning to do school from a cozy spot at home may seem crazy!  But let's both do our best and see what happens!!!