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My name is Jessie Hagadorn. I am an educator at Heritage High School.

I am teaching Biology, AP Biology, and Environmental Science for the 2023-2024 school year.
I received my undergraduate degree in Cellular/ Molecular Biology from Humboldt State University and my teaching credential from California State University San Marcos. I love helping students learn more about the natural world and seeing their confidence and curiosity grow!


I use Canvas as the learning management system for Biology, AP Biology, and Environmental Science courses. Students should log into Canvas daily to make sure they are on track with our class by viewing the "Overview" page for that week. Students should also review the Canvas "Grades" page to see their most accurate grades and updates on assignments that need improvement. If parents/guardians would like to create an account that pairs with your student to track their progress, please follow the instructions in this link or this video.  

Access our Canvas courses with the links below. These Canvas courses are publicly viewable. 

Biology Canvas (link)

Environmental Science Canvas (link)

The AP Biology Canvas (link) is not publicly available due to the secure nature of the AP College Board resources and assessments, and will only be available to students currently enrolled in the course. 


Please email me with any questions at