Math: You LEARN by doing and by doing you LEARN.   

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Hello everyone,

This is my 1st year teaching math at Heritage High School but I have taught here summer courses in the past few years.  I have over 20 years teaching math in general (the majority at the high school level).  I graduated from UC Berkeley with an Applied Math Degree and currently hold a Master's Degree.  Some of my best years were spent at Berkeley.  I am bilingual and currently live in the city of Perris.   

I am looking forward in meeting you all and to be able to work with you in the never ending learning path of mathematics.  Working/learning together, we can make this new school year not only a memorable one but unforgettable as well.  As a student, you will be expected to not only take good, legible and organized notes but also to ask questions when you have them.  You will also be expected to spend time in learning, reviewing and studying basic skills and practice math on a daily basis in order to be successful in mastering content standards.  You learn math by doing math.  

I will be using Google Classroom for instruction, resources, and announcements pertaining to each class.


What I am teaching this year:  Geometry -- Periods 1, 3, 4, 5

                                                 Algebra 1 -- Periods 6, 7



NOTE: Google Classroom codes, and syllabus will also be available and given by teacher.




Students are required to use their school/student emails to access Google Classroom.  Students are encouraged to check their Infinite Campus (IC) to check their progress in class.  

Thank you for visiting my webpage and if you have any questions, please email me.

Again, thank you and have a great day and remember to stay safe.