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My name is Charlynn McNaul.  I have been an agriculture teacher at Perris High School since 2004.  Although I have taught just about every course our agriculture department has to offer, I currently teach Floral Design, Advanced Floral Design, and Agriculture Science & Systems.  I am also one of the 5 FFA Advisors here at Perris High School and oversee the Sheep and Swine projects here as well.  I received my Master of Agriculture Science in 2009 from Cal Poly Pomona where I also received my teaching credentials in 2003.

I use Google Classroom and Google sites as the Learning management system for all of the courses I teach. Below are the class websites for all of my classes.

Advanced Floral Design


Floral Design Period 3


Floral Design Period 4


Agriculture Science and Systems Period 5


Agriculture Science and Systems Period 6


Agriculture Science and Systems Period 7


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