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Mr. Hoang

Email: linh.hoang@puhsd.org

Phone: (951) 443-2731 x 35250

Classroom: R-12



Greetings everyone,

Allow me to share a piece of my journey with you. My origins lie in Vietnam, where I spent my formative 13 years. At the age of 13, I embarked on a new chapter by moving to the United States. This transition symbolized a fresh beginning for me—one where I believed in the concept of embracing change. With unwavering determination, I directed my efforts towards securing a spot at Cal Poly Pomona College, nurturing aspirations of becoming a proficient game programmer.

Yet, reality often diverges from our dreams. Despite dedicating two years to my studies at Cal Poly, I found myself still distant from the practical skills necessary to excel as a game programmer. The resulting sense of monotony stemming from unfulfilled ambitions propelled me to redefine my path, leading me towards a newfound passion for mathematics. Following the completion of my undergraduate degree in this field, I was faced with uncertainty about its application. My journey unexpectedly led me to become a tutor, which gradually transformed into a fulfilling role as a math teacher.

Initially perceived as a temporary detour, my trajectory was shaped by fate's hand. Day by day, I discovered joy in the presence of young minds around me. Witnessing my impact on the next generation became a source of happiness, ultimately reshaping my purpose. A decade has passed since I began teaching mathematics to students in Grades 7 through 12. Over this span, I've had the privilege to guide students through subjects like Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.

While I may not hold an ardent affection for mathematics itself, I've cultivated a profound love for the art of teaching it. As a means of facilitating our interactions, I've adopted Canvas as the platform for all my classes. For comprehensive class information, I invite you to explore my dedicated Canvas Page. Accessing it is as simple as selecting your corresponding class under my name, conveniently situated on the left side of this page.