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Ms. Martha Puente

English Teacher, ASB Advisor (Student Government), Yearbook Advisor

School Phone: (951) 657-7357 (Message Only) or



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Welcome to an exciting 2022-2023 school year here at Perris Lake High School & ScholarPlus! I am Ms. Puente, one of the English teachers here at the PLHS/SOLA. I am a graduate of Perris High School and have worked for the PUHSD district for almost 25 years,  17 of those years here at my happy home of the Falcons.  I am an English Teacher, ASB Advisor, and a Yearbook Advisor.  I have had the privilege of working with many talented staff members throughout the years and have gained valuable experience that I am excited to share with my students.  Some of my interests include cooking, photography, traveling, and much-appreciated family time. Please be aware we are working together to promote your success as a student.  In order to celebrate success, it is important that you show up to all of your classes on a daily basis and participate.  I look forward to meeting you and encourage you to strive for your best during each quarter system (PLHS) or semester (SOLA) as they go by fast. 


What an exciting adventure to begin the 2022-2023 school year together! We will be the foundation of motivation and support for our student body!  Not only will we share our talents and creativity with each other we will use these foundations as encouragement and support to our fellow peers!  We are learning as we go, taking one day at a time.  We each have a voice that we will build upon and in unity, create a safe, fun, and productive environment for all stakeholders involved.  Although we are beginning online this gives us the ultimate tool to be very creative and invite students to partake in our events. POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!  




PLHS is on the quarter system.  It is imperative that students attend on a regular basis.



                                                                        see you in class