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My name is Ryan Doblado. I have been in education for 12 years as a high school teacher and case carrier. I hold undergraduate degrees in History from California State University Long Beach. Additionally, I received a Master Degree in Educational Leadership from National University.

I am the Department chair for Special Education at Heritage High School. I am the Transition Partnership Program (TPP) teacher. In this program, we work hand in hand with the Riverside County of Education (RCOE) and the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) to help students with an IEP transition into the next phase of their lives wether it be college, a vocational school or employment. Additionally, I am also one of the credit recovery teachers on campus who help ensure that students who are credit deficient receive the support they need to complete their classes and graduate on time with their peers. 

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----Ryan Doblado----

Perris Union High School District

Heritage High School

Special Education Department Chair