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Teacher: Lorraine Turner

Room: D-2


Telephone: (951) 443-2731 Ext. 35201

          Hi there! My name is Mrs. Turner and I have had the privilege of teaching the biological sciences for the past nine years at the California Military Institute. I have also implemented the PLTW Biomedical Pathway so that students that are interested in pursuing a career in the medical profession or who are just curious can gain practical hands-on experience and exploration of the field. There are currently four courses that are being offered for the program which include the following; principles of biomedical sciences (9th grade), human body systems (10th grade), medical interventions (11th grade) and biomedical innovations (12th grade). Students are recommended to enter the pathway as freshmen so that they may gain the optimum experience each year as the courses grow in complexity and rigor. The programs that we will be using for these courses include

  • Google Classroom
  • CANVAS landing page

          I have always been passionate about science with an in-depth interest and love for the medical field and profession. My background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science/ Veterinary Medicine awarded from Cal Poly Pomona as part of their pre-medical program. I have worked as a veterinary technician in the past for a little under a decade providing me the opportunity to gain significant experience working in a laboratory, hospital and surgical setting allowing me to share that skill set with my students. In conjunction with my B.S., I also hold a Master Degree in Education/ Pedagogy obtained from the University of California Riverside. 

          When I'm not working on lab activities or watching medical documentaries I enjoy themed escape rooms, playing glow in the dark mini golf, hitting some baseballs at the cages, visiting art/ science museums, orrrrrrrrr playing some sci-fi games on the X-BOX (Playstation folks --> Don't judge! lol!). 

I look forward to getting to know all of my students and sharing my knowledge while also building memorable experiences.